Things I Learned from the Movies: Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful blogathon. You have brought back some good memories, and given us new things to think about when watching film.



We want to thank all the bloggers who took the time and effort to contribute writing on lessons they learned from films, which ranged from hilarious to deeply personal. Thanks also to everyone who helped promo this event on social media. The reactions and writing were so nice that Ruth and I would like to make this an annual thing, and really look forward to the variety of topics we’ll see covered next year.Please join us then!

But this one’s not over yet–enjoy these new posts:

Image result for The Sword in the Stone (1963).What Disney taught me about life: from Film Music Central

princess-bride-site10 Things I Learned from The Princess Bride from Lemon Shark

North Sea Texas (2011, Strand Releasing)The Movie Rat shares lessons On the Topic of Human Sexuality

Cinematic Catharsis learns a thing or two during a stay at Motel Hell


Reel Heart Work On Perspective (Strikes Back!) Or How Star Wars Gave Me A ‘Certain Point of View’

The daily recaps with all these links are now archived at the…

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  1. And the ride continued, This may be, in fact, my favorite blogathon yet, Ruth. When called for, an analysis could be quite thoughtful, while the next essay might be every bit as light-hearted. Both are treats, to be sure and I’ve got several movies to either seek out or view again. What more could I want? Thanks, Ruth.

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    • Thanks for checking it out. 🙂 This is one of my fave blogathons, too. People had such interesting things to say. And, as you pointed out, some were witty and some were quite philosophical. The event turned out better than I had hoped – and I had pretty high hopes!

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