Day 2 of the hottest Canadian party in February! Join us for more celebrations of Canadian films and filmmakers!


It’s time to roll up the rim and see what we get on day 2 of the #OCanada Blogathon. Today’s posts cover some very familiar faces, places and essential classic films.

Bloggers: If we missed you today, don’t worry. You’ll be included in tomorrow’s recap.

Now please enjoy today’s fascinating entries with some maple syrup on top.

Voyages Extraordinaires

God’s Country and the Cinema – James Oliver Curwood on Screen

A Shroud of Thoughts

Mon oncle Antoine


Thoughts All Sorts

Eric Schweig


Nanook of the North (1922)


Taking Up Room

Ann Rutherford

Old Hollywood Films

I Confess

Cinema Monolith

John Ireland and Fay Wray in Queen Bee

Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of the #OCanada Blogathon, hosted by Ruth at Silver Screenings.

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