Guest Post: To the Person Who Dissed Director Ida Lupino on Social Media

Well, look at us! We were invited to contribute a guest post on Cine Suffragette, a site that discusses female filmmakers.

It’s a terrific site with thought-provoking articles. You can check it out HERE.

Our guest post on director Ida Lupino is HERE.

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    • Exactly! It’s funny how, with some folks, low budget is equated with incompetence, but look at all those terrific low-budget crime dramas from Warner Bros in the 1930s. Like you said, Edgar G. Ulmer is an excellent example of using a tight budget to the film’s advantage.


  1. Well said, Ruth — and a great account of a great movie, too! That Detractor must be a very ignorant individual — probably one of those who try to make themselves feel big by denigrating people who actually are.

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  2. Great article. The Glasgow Film Festival is honouring Ida this week and , if I can make my way through a lot of snow, I’ll be seeing OUTRAGE today and then THE BIGAMIST and THE HITCHHIKER tomorrow and Friday.

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      • Blizzard conditions here but about 30 folk turned up for 35mm print of Outrage. So good. Why oh why didn’t any of the big studios employ Ida once she had shown she was a capable director. The times of course. Wasted talent until she got accepted on tv

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      • You bet. Hope I can make it to The Hitchhiker tomorrow. Our weather is pretty bad just now.
        Never satisfied of course The two I most wanted to see on the big screen were Road House and On Dangerous Ground.
        The Festical had great documentary on Hedy Lamarr. So impressed I’ve ordered two books on Hedy – not Ecstasy and Me!

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