#ReelInfatuation 2019 – Day 1

The best thing about the Reel Infatuation Blogathon, besides gushing about film characters, is exploring a love of movies. Many of the characters we love are in films we love, and it’s a pleasure to discover which characters (and movies) people are passionate about.

Today’s entries are wonderful. They explore characters and character – the noble qualities in a person. We think you’ll enjoy them immensely.

Bloggers: If we missed your post today, we’ll include you in tomorrow’s recap.

Words Seem out of Place
Thirty Years of Loving Michelle Pfeiffer as Susie Diamond

A Person in the Dark
Biff Grimes: Character Crush ‘Cause Character Counts

Fading, but not Forgotten
The One-Handed Wolf Who Digs La Boheme: Why I love Ronny Cammareri

Realweegiemidget Reviews
Daisy, Daisy The Great Gatsby’s Going Crazy, All for the Love of You

The Story Enthusiast
Melanie Wilkes of Gone With the Wind (1939)

I Found it at the Movies
Reel Infatuation with De Niro and Grodin in Midnight Run (1988)

Caftan Woman
Audie Murphy as Tom Destry, 1954

His Fame Still Lives
Floreal Rameau (inspiration for Rudolph Valentino’s character)
in A Sainted Devil (1924)

Join us tomorrow for Day 2!




  1. What an interesting list of Blog Posts. I should read them one by one, slowly!!
    By the way Ruth, I left a comment for you, in my previous Blog Post (last post from May 2019) late last night; don’t think you’ve seen it yet!!
    All the best with the Reel Infatuation Blogathon for 2019!!
    Maybe next year, I’ll try and join!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Although I like: ‘The Shining Hour’, and have watched it numerous times, I am nevertheless unhappy about the ending, which I suspect was imposed by the censors (who insisted on absurd – or at least incongruous – endings, that marred many otherwise fine films, e.g.: ‘Baby Face’. I should therefore like to tell you of two possible endings, each of which would have made sense:

      1) Joan leaves on her own, realising that she has made a great mistake in marrying into such a suffocating milieu.

      2) Joan and Robert Young divorce their spouses, and leave Wisconsin to make a life together.

      I think too, that Fay Bainter’s sudden change of heart – even in the light of what has preceded it – strains belief.

      Robert Young can do no wrong. Do see him in: ‘They Won’t Believe Me’, and : ‘The Trial Of Mary Dugan’.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I know what you mean about absurd endings and how dissatisfying they are. (“Suspicion” and “The Woman in the Window”, I’m looking at you.) I’ve not seen “The Shining Hour” yet, and you’ve got me even more keen to see it.

        As for Robert Young, I agree he can do no wrong. I admire his performances in everything I’ve seen so far.


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