It’s the final day of Reel Infatuation 2019. *sniff!* We’ve had a swell time discussing your character crushes and celebrating the good things in film.

A heartfelt thanks to all you marvellous participants. You make this event so much fun!

Font and Frock
But Baby Think of Me Once in Awhile:
On Andy Travis as Television’s Best (and Hunkiest) Boss

Crítica Retrô
The Nut, or: Why I’m Nuts for Douglas Fairbanks in The Nut (1921)

Thoughts All Sorts
So Wonderfully Horrendous…Agonisingly Euphoric…

Pale Writer
Obedience, that impossible thing:
Audrey Hepburn as Sister Luke in The Nun’s Story (1959)

See you next year!

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2019 Day 2

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