“Reminds me of someone famous!”   “Me too!”  Image: Giphy

In some ways, being part of the blogging community is like going to a cocktail party with fascinating people.

We’ve gleaned so much from these folks, such as obscure (to us) pieces of history, living with Life-Changing issues, and the beauty of poetry.

Over the past year, a few of these bloggers nominated us for awards or gave us special mention. So we’re returning the honour and presenting them with an Award of Our Own.

It may appear we’ve applied excessive Literary License here, but we haven’t. When we read these bloggers’ sites, we’re often reminded of famous writers we admire.

We fell in love with the writing of Baroness Emma Orczy when we read The Scarlet Pimpernel. Orczy tells a good story with intrigue and romance, and we couldn’t Put It Down. 18 Cinema Lane also loves to share a good story (movie), which she reviews as Objectively as possible.

Few writers embody wit and irreverence like playwright and poet Oscar Wilde, and we often think of Wilde when reading Bonnywood Manor. Brian makes us laugh as he skewers and satirizes society’s conventions; yet there are moments when he is quite moving.

American novelist Raymond Chandler proved crime fiction can be lyrical and memorable. Our pal Debbi, at I Found it at the Movies, writes just as thoughtfully about noir films and B movies, and – happily for her readers – she never loses her delightfully shrewd sense of humour.

What we love most about Amy Tan‘s works, besides her writing style, are her research and love of stories from the past; she makes history Come Alive. Taking Up Room shares those same passions, and she pulls us into her subjects, whether it be film, books, or other Cultural Adventures from the past.

Lucy Maud Montgomery was a prolific author who mused about the Good that can be done in communities, much like the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society. This site has taken on the challenge of examining the Motion Picture Production Code and its effect on Hollywood films.

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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