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Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton Battle Nazis in the Snow

Alas, Dear Reader, it turns out we (as in, yours truly) may be a philistine. We realized this when we screened the 1968 action thriller Where Eagles Dare, starring Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. Some regard this film as one of the greatest WWII movies ever made; look at the rave reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. We… Continue reading Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton Battle Nazis in the Snow

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When a Narcissist Falls in Love

When Paula’s Cinema Club disses a movie, we pay attention. So when she wrote a less-than-glowing review of The Constant Nymph (1943), we couldn’t wait to see this film. It can’t be that bad, we thought. It is. Here’s the basic premise: Charles Boyer plays a narcissistic Swiss musician who marries Alexis Smith, the wealthy niece of a… Continue reading When a Narcissist Falls in Love

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Lessons from The Snow Creature: How to Sabotage Scientific Discovery

What do you consider to be the greatest scientific discovery of this generation? Would you say it’s a medical, technological or astronomical discovery? Perhaps the discovery of a previously unknown species trumps all. Well, then, imagine our excitement when we discovered The Snow Creature (1954), a film about the discovery of a Himalayan creature known as a Yeti. The Snow Creature is… Continue reading Lessons from The Snow Creature: How to Sabotage Scientific Discovery

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The Man Who Cheated Everybody

Do you ever wish you could make studios re-do certain movies? Well, we certainly do! We just watched a film noir that left us feeling so dissatisfied, we’re placing a call to Warner Brothers. In fact, we’re feeling so ripped off that – *SPOILER ALERT!* – we’re going to tell you how the movie ends to… Continue reading The Man Who Cheated Everybody

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Cyrano de Bergerac’s Guide to Relationships

What do you think about people who love the sound of their own voice? Do you find them fascinating, or do you want to strangle them? We were thinking about this during a recent screening of Cyrano de Bergerac, the famous story about the big-nosed Parisian who loves a young woman named Roxanne, but cannot find… Continue reading Cyrano de Bergerac’s Guide to Relationships

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Miriam Hopkins & the Cynic’s Guide to Life

This post is part of the 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon, hosted by Once Upon a Screen, Outspoken & Freckled and Paula’s Cinema Club. It runs Feb. 1 – Mar. 3, in conjunction with Turner Classic Movies’ 31 Days of Oscar. Sometimes the movies teach us distasteful life lessons. You know the lessons we’re talking about: life isn’t fair; the rich live… Continue reading Miriam Hopkins & the Cynic’s Guide to Life

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The Boris Karloff Drinking Game

Gentle Reader, we do not normally advocate drinking games while watching classic movies. Today, however, we are making an exception. If you’re someone who doesn’t imbibe spirits, do not fear! You may still join us with the soft drink of your choice. At the conclusion of the movie, the effect will be the same. To… Continue reading The Boris Karloff Drinking Game

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George Arliss: Ladies’ Man and War Hero

George Arliss battles Napoleon and swooning ladies. Frankly, we feel some movies are best left in obscurity. Ever heard of The Iron Duke from 1934? No? There is a reason for that. We hadn’t heard of this movie either, until last week. We thought we would benefit from an unknown British historical drama about the Duke of… Continue reading George Arliss: Ladies’ Man and War Hero

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Flipper vs. Sharks

Question: Who would win in an epic battle between Flipper the dolphin and two bloodthirsty sharks? If you’ve seen the 1963 adventure flick Flipper, you know the answer to this question. Flipper is the story of a boy (Luke Halpin) who befriends a friendly, smart dolphin. This dolphin is so smart, in fact, it can hear… Continue reading Flipper vs. Sharks

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The Charms of Dirt Farming

We’ve just observed something we’ve never before seen in a classic Hollywood film. Can you guess? Give up? Houseflies. Yup, plain old Musca domestica Linnaeus. We ask you: Have you ever seen a housefly anywhere near Cary Grant or Katharine Hepburn? We didn’t think so. In the opening scenes of the 1945 drama The Southerner, an… Continue reading The Charms of Dirt Farming