Look at what Aurora at Once Upon A Screen gave us!

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To accept this award, we have to list 11 random facts about ourselves and answer the 11 questions Aurora posed.

11 Random Facts You Were Dying to Know But Were Afraid To Ask:
  1. The other day we saw Oliver Stone live and in person when he spoke at a nearby arts facility. Remarkably, he did not ask us for our autograph.
  2. We make a fantastic Raspberry Pie. The problem is, after we’ve made it we don’t wish to share.
  3. We have an terrible weakness for red licorice even though it can barely be classified as food.
  4. We asked our sister-in-law to design the new header for our blog. It’s based on the statue, “The Cameraman”, that is located across from Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA.
  5. We have three un-read Hollywood history books on our shelf and we cannot find the time to read them. It’s driving us crazy.
  6. We helped organize a documentary film festival last month. This was our attempt to help make the World A Better Place.
  7. Whenever we struggle with writers’ block, we put Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom on an endless loop. We cannot explain why this helps us. ‘Cause I live and breathe this Philadelphia freedom…
  8. Our favourite place to write is in a recliner. We believe writing is best done in absolute comfort.
  9. We facilitate a writing group for children ages 10-14. These children are smart and funny, and we adore each one of them.
  10. We use an old-school BlackBerry. We refer to it as our “vintage mobile device”.
  11. Sometimes nothing in life will do like a slice of chocolate cake, such as the one below:

Vintage One Bowl Chocolate Cake with Chiffon Frosting recipe[4]


1.  Why do you blog?

We have opinions about every single movie we watch. Our beleaguered family and friends have heard it all, and they kindly suggested we blog about our opinions instead of sharing them during key moments in the film.


2.  What was your “best” film-going experience?

We saw Sunset Boulevard on the big screen and it was as though we’d never seen the movie before. Another memorable experience was screening It’s a Wonderful Life in a packed theatre. Everyone in the audience sobbed during the final scene.


3.  What classic film would you absolutely love to watch on the big screen and why?

We would love to see The Oxbow Incident on the big screen. We suspect it would be a life-changing experience.


4.  You’re having a dinner party and your list of guests include five classic film personalities/stars/directors – who’s on your list?

Our list changes all the time, but today it would include Thelma Ritter, David Niven, Charlie Chaplin, Bette Davis and William Wyler.


5.  What is your ideal day off?

An ideal day off would include a trip to the spa, shopping for unique chocolate and a large beef dinner:


6. You can have a half-hour conversation with any fictional character. Who do you choose? Why?

Linus from the Peanuts cartoon strip, because he’s quirky and he’s got that crazy hair.


7.  Your favorite movie monster is?

The Creature from the Black Lagoon. What’s not to love?


8.  If you could choose to live in a house/apartment featured in a film or television show, which would it be?

The post-renovation home in George Washington Slept Here.


9.  Name one thing you would have on your bucket list.

We would love to attend the TCM Film Festival. So far, the timing and/or finances haven’t been in our favour.


10.  Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie?

Bewitched. We love Agnes Moorehead and her wild blue eye shadow.


11.  Favorite film decade and why?

The 1940s. There were some thought-provoking films from this decade, as well as some of the best film noir ever produced.


Another requirement for accepting this award is to nominate 11 other bloggers. We’ve decided to forego this until we come up with an award of our own.

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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