The Glamorous Dorothy Lamour. Image:

The glamorous Dorothy Lamour. Image:

We are so excited to announce the Dorothy Lamour Blogathon!

Wouldn’t you agree it’s time we celebrated this talented woman? Dorothy was much more than the sarong she became famous for – she was a singer, an actor, a mother and a dynamic fundraiser of American WWII war bonds.

Our fab friend Maedez at Font and Frock and A Small Press Life suggested we toast the remarkable Dorothy Lamour, and so we shall: March 11-13, 2016.

For the blogathon, you can write on any movie or subject associated with Ms Dorothy, including her film, theatre or television appearances. Duplicate topics are A-OK.

A list of Ms Dorothy’s movies can be found HERE.

You can sign up using the form below, which was designed by our smarty-pants friend Kristina at Speakeasy.

Please help yourself one the banners below to help us promote the event.

We hope to see you in March!

Here’s the roster so far. (You can scroll inside the box or click HERE to open in a new window.)

Dorothy Blogathon

Dorothy Blogathon

Dorothy Blogathon

Dorothy Blogathon

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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