The #OCanada Blogathon Starts Friday!

Canadians are excited about the #OCanada Blogathon! Image: Giphy

Get Ready: The event that’s as big as The Junos or the Governor General’s Awards is almost here!

The O Canada Blogathon (February 9-11) celebrates Canada’s remarkable contributions to film, and it all starts this Friday.

It’s not too late to join us! Click HERE for blogathon details and topic suggestions. Although we’re not posting a schedule, we will post a recap each evening. So join us any day you like!

Just a reminder about our “rules”:

  • No exact duplicate topics, please, but if, for example, a person is being profiled with a bio, you can still cover a specific movie by/with them.
  • Post any day during the blogathon.
  • Help us promote the event via #OCanada Blogathon.

Your co-hosts are:

Kristina of Speakeasy
Ruth of Silver Screenings

Click HERE for the list of the participants.

We look forward to celebrating films made in, by or about the Great White North!



  1. Hey Ruth. I’ve had to change my entry. I was originally going to do Raymond Massey, but I’m in the midst of moving back interstate and don’t have the resources and most of my dvds are still back at my parents house. I have to fly back to get them next month. In the meantime, I’m still deciding on a topic to write about for this years blogathon.

    Also, I’d like to invite you to my next blogathon. The link is below.

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  2. So sorry to have missed this while it was in progress — we’ve been away on family business the past ten days. Still, I have a treat in store when I reach the final list of goodies to read! Just another 28,476 emails to check before I get to the one about the final wrap . . .

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