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Michael Caine: Outsmarting Your Opponent to Death

Sometimes nothing is more tedious than a person who will go to Any Lengths to prove a point. There’s no getting around it with these folks; the rotation of the earth is threatened if they can’t beat you about the head with their Point. Sometimes the Point is noble, such as fighting for safe drinking… Continue reading Michael Caine: Outsmarting Your Opponent to Death

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Vacationing with Cary Grant on the Riviera

If you’re feeling Out Of Sorts because you’re unable to visit the Côte de’Azur (French Riviera) this winter, we know how you feel. Idea! If we (as in, yours truly) stumble upon a winning lottery ticket or buried treasure, we’ll spring for airfare to take us both to the French Riviera. We can visit all… Continue reading Vacationing with Cary Grant on the Riviera


How to Write a Scientific Secret Code

Dear Reader, we always try to look out for your best interests. So, today! We have a life-saving tip should you ever find yourself with a Top Secret Invention that could change the Course Of History. We learned this valuable information from the WWII-era film Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1942). This mystery/thriller/propaganda flick… Continue reading How to Write a Scientific Secret Code

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Alfred Hitchcock’s Creepy Lodger

Even though it’s a silent film, you can tell it’s directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It’s cheeky and tense, the way many of his films are, with unexpected twists. We’re talking about The Lodger: A Film of the London Fog (1927), based on the 1913 novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes. The story is about a strange… Continue reading Alfred Hitchcock’s Creepy Lodger

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Basil Rathbone, Fortune Hunter

There’s nothing more chilling than a villain with a large vocabulary. In the 1937 British thriller, Love from a Stranger, Basil Rathbone plays the kind of villain nobody wants to meet in real life. Rathbone’s villain is handsome, suave and articulate. But he would do anything to get your money – including marrying you. We first meet Rathbone’s gold-digging character when he… Continue reading Basil Rathbone, Fortune Hunter

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Edna May Oliver vs. The Glass Ceiling

Question: When was the last time you saw a movie in which… A female amateur sleuth did a better job of solving a mystery than a male detective? A middle-aged woman who LOOKS middle aged is the main character? A man becomes romantically interested in a middle-aged woman who is smarter than he? Happily, the last time we saw a… Continue reading Edna May Oliver vs. The Glass Ceiling

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Alfred Hitchcock’s 3D Murder

We had an almost pure classic movie experience recently. Well, perhaps not us, exactly, but the woman sitting beside us in the theatre, at the screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder. It was, we might add, SHOWN IN 3D. Whee! (Note: If you haven’t seen Dial M for Murder, even in 2D, you really ought to ASAP. You… Continue reading Alfred Hitchcock’s 3D Murder

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On Precise Correspondence when Spying

We believe modern Hollywood has been untruthful in its portrayal of the Spy Business. For example, modern spies never have trouble finding a parking spot. Furthermore, they never pay for parking. Not that we’re annoyed. The biggest Hollywood misconception, as far as we’re concerned, has to do with paperwork – correspondence paperwork in particular. Everyone in the developed… Continue reading On Precise Correspondence when Spying

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Ginger Rogers, Ace Detective

Tell us this is not one of the best opening scenes ever: It is night on a deserted street in New York. The camera is positioned as though you were leaning out a window of an apartment building, looking down at the sidewalk. There is a scream and a man’s body falls, from above you,… Continue reading Ginger Rogers, Ace Detective

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The Delightfully Evil Lilyan Tashman

When it comes to movies, we like our campy-ness well done. So imagine our delight when we discovered a new-to-us performance by Lilyan Tashman in the 1931 mystery thriller Murder by the Clock. Ms Tashman was unknown to us personally until we read about her life and career at the fab classic movie blog, Shadows… Continue reading The Delightfully Evil Lilyan Tashman