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The Best Holiday Film You’ve (Maybe) Never Seen

We’re feeling all smug because we just learned two Big Things.* (*You’re probably familiar with these things already, but please humour us.) Big Thing #1  Did you know The New York Times publishes a list of people in need over the holidays, and has done so for 105 years? Big Thing #2  We learned about #1 from… Continue reading The Best Holiday Film You’ve (Maybe) Never Seen


Ebenezer Scrooge’s Gothic Nightmare

The hottest-selling book of the 1843 holiday season was a hastily-written novella concerned with society’s treatment of the poor. Yup, you guessed it: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol sold 6,000 copies that season – not bad, considering it didn’t arrive in bookstores until December 17. They say it’s never been out of print. You likely have a favourite movie version of A Christmas Carol,… Continue reading Ebenezer Scrooge’s Gothic Nightmare

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Who’s Ready for Holiday Treacle?

How do you prefer your holiday schmaltz? Do you like it straight up, or do you mix it with a little soda water? We’ve been mulling this over since we saw the 1940 holiday drama Beyond Tomorrow, a movie about finding fame and losing your soul, the rewards of self-sacrifice, and friendships that survive anything, including death. If… Continue reading Who’s Ready for Holiday Treacle?


Natalie Wood’s Big Screen Miracle

We didn’t realize child actor Natalie Wood was such a scene-stealer. In Miracle on 34th Street, one of her first starring roles, nine year-old Wood plays a cynical girl who meets a department-store Santa (Edmund Gwenn) who may or may not be the real St. Nick. Wood is charming and convincing here, but it wasn’t until we recently… Continue reading Natalie Wood’s Big Screen Miracle

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Ginger Rogers’ Surprise Baby

They say 1939 was Hollywood’s best year. The Golden Year, they call it. Some real heavyweights were released in 1939, such as Gone with the Wind, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Stagecoach and The Wizard of Oz. That’s quite a roster! But there were some other, lesser-known movies released that year which, by themselves, still… Continue reading Ginger Rogers’ Surprise Baby


It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Please tell us you’ve seen this movie. And if you haven’t – excuse us while we gasp and clutch our pearls in horror – may we ask: what is wrong with you? You’ve know the basic storyline: George Bailey (James Stewart), owner of a small-town Building & Loan, finds himself in a no-win situation and… Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)